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Wednesday Recruiting Stuff

We reported yesterday that Peegs said that Jared Jeffries dropped
Kentucky. Woo hoo! Here's
Quotin' Bob
on the subject, but he says FSU, Iowa and of course Arizona are
still possible. And Insider
Report offers us this update on Jeffries.

Here are the relevant quotes from the Master:

  • "go down to the wire"
  • "hometown"
  • "step up"

A light day at the office. Here's
the latest Duhon chat summary
(Jeffries info is in there, too).

In other recruiting news, Hulan
Pickett has an update on Duke and UNC targets well worth reading.
fans might concentrate on the last line of the story for some perspective.

Incidentally, whatever kind of scripting system ACC Today uses, it's
terrible. It takes over a minute often to load a page, and comes back frequently
with errors. You guys should look at that.