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Griffin Makes It Official; Duhon Update

It's now official - Eddie
Griffin has announced for Seton Hall
, spurning the Heels. Congrats to Tommy
again. What an accomplishment for a young coach.

And in local news, Thad "The Mummy" Mumau
is picking Duke to get Chris Duhon
.  Unfortunately, he also predicts
Eddie Griffin to UNC - and this in an article dated yesterday!  Is he that
far behind?  Anyway, Chris has played his cards very close to his chest.
The other predictors generally call Duhon for UK, but that's not based on
anything but playing time and seeing the kid as a commodity.  Maybe he
doesn't see himself as a commodity.  He may well pick UK, but geez, maybe
he'll pick it for an academic program or something. It's not unheard of.

Speaking of Mumau, and ACC Today, they have this unfortunate tendency to not
fully identify writers.  You'd never know if from reading that site, but
Thad Mumau is a full-time reporter for the Fayettenam paper.  And for that
matter, a reporter contacted us and pointed out the same for Eddie Landreth - he
works, we are told, for the Chapel Hill newspaper.  Normally the thing to
do is to at least mention their affiliation.  But this is what we've come
to expect from the guys who bring us fake crowd noise (a radio person told us,
long before it became public knowledge, that others had overheard, apparently on
headets, someone saying "bring up the crowd noise), and a swell guy like
Art Chansky (Vilcom produces ACCToday and  who defends the whole thing as show biz.  Next thing maybe
he'll be defending gambling on college sports as well.  Just show biz!

Anyway, between the various things we've listed here over the past year, it's
just really difficult to take anything from this company seriously.

After we published this, we got the following e-mail
from DaveDeWitt from

I'm a big fan of the Duke Basketball Report. You guys do a great job of casing the internet to bring your readers the latest published reports on
various issues. Keep up the good work.

In response to your posted curiosity on ACCToday writers -- we place the bio on the site that the writers themselves want placed. Thad Mumau is, in fact,
a part-time writer (and full-time freelancer) for the Fayetteville Observer-Times. All of the other writers either write their own bios or tell
us what to write and how to refer to them.

Thanks again for doing a great job for Duke and non-Duke fans.