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Seton Hall Is Tearing It Up - Fab Five Class Possible?

It looks now like a done deal - Bob Gibbons is now also reporting  that
Griffin, his #1 player is going to Seton Hall. 
In addition, Tommy may
also get Rashid Dunbar, who you may remember had a terrible auto accident. 
They may also get Jeff McMillan.
Here's another update on Andre Barrett,
from a UK perspective. Incidentally,
while we have no insights on Duhon's decision, a lot of UK types seem to be
convinced that their needs will be the deciding factor. But Duhon may have some
needs which UK can't fill. Like anyone, Chris will base his decisions on what is in his best interest, not what is in Kentucky's or Duke's. Just food for thought.

In Purdue news,
here is an update on Caron Butler's decision.
Bad year for the Boilermakers.

Here are Bob's quotes today:

  • "best ever"
  • "widebody"
  • “Nothing succeeds like success”
  • “the second coming of the Fab Five”