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Amaker Gets Andre, Turns Sights To Griffin - And It's Looking Good

Tommy Amaker has
gotten his next point guard in Andre Barrett.
He is putting together
by far his best class as a head coach. If he gets Eddie Griffin, the world
will soon know what kind of coach Tommy Amaker is. Seton Hall fans, needless
to say, are delighted.
Griffin has said he and Barrett have talked a
lot about playing together at the Hall. Heels fans are likely
a bit nervous right about now.

And with good reason. Insiders Report is suggesting that Griffin
may commit Monday,
and Andre Barrett is saying that he'd be
"somewhat shocked"
if Griffin didn't pick Seton Hall.
Unfortunately the anti-Gut troops will turn out in force. Too bad. He's
doing a pretty good job, considering the inherent difficulties of following a