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Adidas Gets Rude, Barrett Might Be Ready

Ok, check this out - we linked to the Gerald Wallace/Mario Austin signing the
other day as it was huge news as the AAU teammates both signed with Alabama. But
we didn't know that their
press conference was organized by Adidas (Carlos says it was Reebok two years ago and then Pepsi this year).
That "upset" Bob
Gibbons, which is interesting since, if we remember correctly, his tournament is
(was?) sponsored by Adidas.  However, Alabama is a Nike school. Adidas, you
may remember, lured Sonny Vacarro from Nike (or was he pushed out of the Nike

God, this is all sick.

In other news, Chris Duhon has a new interview on a Rival net site, and he
lists a number of schools but
somehow omitted Kentucky.
We're not into reading tea leaves, but our guess
is that either he just forgot to mention them or that the editing was
crappy.  Don't count UK out based on that.  But in Duke's favor, Duhon
says he has to plan around the possibility of a career-ending injury and also is
thinking already of post-grad work. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Borderwars also has an
interview with A.J. Moye,
who says some very nice things about Duke.

Here's another
Adam Boone story,
who says he wants to be pre-med.

In other news, Andre Barrett may
be about to commit to Seton Hall.
  There has been a lot of speculation
that Barrett and Griffin might go to the Hall together. This would be half the

Amusingly, this article says that Amaker is obviously responsible for a lot
of Coach K's success; somewhere else we read a theory that it was Quin. 
But both guys were brought into the Duke system and trained by K, so maybe that
had something to do with their success as well?