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Various Recruiting Tidbits

Here's a quick
update on Jason Parker
, who will be parking his considerable caboose at Fork
Union next year instead of Chapel Hill.  The most interesting part is that
his parents, who are both teachers, insisted originally that he had qualified
and that there was no possibility of a mistake.  Glad they weren't teaching

In some other news, here's Quotin' Bob, sans quotes for a change, on
Alabama's big coup.

In other news from Quotin' Bob,
Andre Barrett is down to seven schools
, with Amaker hanging in there, 
and just to make you feel better about the lack of quotes earlier, he says Caron
Butler is going to UConn
, and here are the phrases worthy of braces:

  • "very reliable sources"
  • "overpowering"
  • "unstoppable"
  • "competitive spirit"
  • "immediate impact player"

And in the unfortunate headline category, Bob offers "Jenifer still wide

Our pal Peegs says
that Jeffries is down to IU, Duke, UK, and Arizona.
  Now think about
this: Arizona has Woods redshirting, so they have a reasonable
center-in-waiting. They have Jason Gardner as a freshman point. They also have
Luke Recker in the wings. So if you added Jeffries to that, what do you have?
Perhaps a very fine Final Four team - assuming Lute can get past Liberty, or
Valpo, or the Banana Slugs in the first round (which is not guaranteed, given
UA's habit of blowing it early. We were startled to learn, earlier this season,
that Arizona has their banquet before the tournament is over. That's just
stupid, in our book). 

Of course all four of these teams could make it to the Final Four, Indiana
being the least likely, at least lately. And not that the NCAA cares, but here's
an article about
Indiana's incoming freshman and their opinion of NCAA reform.

Oh, speaking of Jeffries, here's an article from ESPN suggesting that Duke
will have an excellent recruiting season.

Also significant: Samuel Dalembert has qualified at The Hall, meaning that Amaker has a big man to build around. If he gets Barrett, and maybe just maybe Griffin, Seton Hall is a Top 10 team pretty soon.