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A Nasty Bit Of Work

You may remember there were some weird things happening when Tom Penders left
Texas - one player's grades were illegally made public, Penders was furious at
Texas, and on and on and on. Well, now the dispute has entered the courts, and
the deposition paints an exceedingly ugly picture.

We've been consistent, we think, in suggesting that the basic contract - free
education for the player with the concurrent lifetime benefits - is a great deal
for the players, if they take full advantage of it. Since many college athletes
wouldn't be able to go to school without help, that makes it a
life-transforming experience, and one with the potential to change family fortunes for
generations to come. Chris Carrawell and Rasheed Brokenborough come to mind:
their grandchildren stand to live vastly improved lives.  A lot of athletes
don't take advantage of this, however, which is too bad but kids by definition
make a lot of dumb mistakes.  If the allegations here stand up, wow.