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Good News For Bersticker, Hewlan's Picks, And Adam Boone Update

Ok, it's official now: Jason
Parker has failed to make his SAT scores
and is off to Fork Union to get his
grades up. This according to the Charlotte Observer. He told the O that 'If there's another Jason Parker reading this, I'd tell him to do well in school and have fun at the same time, but remember school comes first. You have to stay serious about your books.''

It'll be interesting to see if UNC maintains the offer or if the spot goes to
someone like Chris Wilcox. Or for that matter UNC might maintain the offer and Parker might not like the situation as much then as he does now. Stay tuned.

In other news, Hewlan Pickett has a
list out of his Top 25, with bios.
Like Bob Gibbons, he has moved Eddie
Griffin to the top, so maybe we were unfair to Bob. We've poked fun at Bob
recently but obviously he is the master of his craft.

Hewlan has caught on to the hyperbole trick "recruiting gurus"
(sorry, that just snuck in there) like to use, unfortunately, saying
things like Gerald Wallace does things Ripley doesn't believe and really wears
out a Jazz metaphor with Louisianan Chris Duhon.

In a related note, Adam
Boone has picked up a lot of interest lately,
and among the leading pursuers
are Duke and Kentucky.