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Big Recruiting News For Duke, UNC

According to The Lexington Herald-Leader, Duhon
says that Duke leads now.
Duhon says that Wojo sent a 2 inch thick,
internet-sourced booklet on what he could find in various cities in Europe which
were on his itinerary,  and what tourist attractions were there and so
forth.  Duhon said he read all of it and it was very helpful. Kentucky sent
only two or three pages, but the diplomatic Duhon said "it was very
interesting." Needless to say, this follows up on our recent speculations about how technology and the internet are affecting recruiting. A DBR Prediction: before long, laptop computers, completely configured to a school's advantage, will be (improperly) given to recruits. Cars will still happen, but laptops are easier to hide, cheaper, and so very chic right now, and they give a school a way to stay in constant contact with a recruit, through messaging and e-mail. Toss a web-cam in and you have a major techno-hook.

In other truly significant news, Adam Boone's coach confirms UNC's growing
insecurity with Omar Cook, quoting Guthridge as saying that they had felt
certain they'd get him, but now they're not so sure.