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Randolph To Announce, Boone, Hazelton Updates

Heat Packin' Zach Randolph has
scheduled a press conference
and is expected to announce for Michigan State,
this the day after Marcus Taylor is expected to do the same thing.  The
Spartans are already pretty loaded, but this will set them up for a long time to
come.  In our opinion, they have become the strongest program in the Big
10, passing Indiana, Purdue, and Michigan, and are on the verge of becoming one
of the Top 5 programs, year in and year out, nationwide. It's a superb
accomplishment in a very short period of time, and Mike Izzo  and the
Spartans are to be congratulated.  There is still the question of
recruiting a guy who has already been to jail twice, and in our book that's a
serious question.  Nonetheless, they have put a tremendous amount of talent
together, and the coaching, as we saw twice last season, is superb.

In other news,
Adam Boone has scheduled his in-home visits
, and Scott
Hazelton has cut his list to four,
including 'Nova, UConn, Syracuse, and
Providence, meaning he'll be a Big East guy next year.