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Good Googledy Goo! Gators Grab Another

According to Quotin' Bob Gibbons, Orien
Greene has selected Florida
as his next stop on the gravy train to the NBA
(we don't buy the myth that every highly rated HS player is NBA bound after a
brief pit stop in college, but they do, mostly anyway, so we'll just play along)

Bob continues to refine the art of quoting. Today he has only two,
"hometown prize," being one. But the other is an innovation, an
elasticized use of language that all fans of mindless quotes will truly
appreciate: "Billy Donovan and his staff seem to perpetuate their
'amazing recruiting success...'"

You have to give it up for Bob. He started by simply putting braces around
catchphrases to highlight them. Now he is using the technique quite aggressively
to draw attention to virtually any comment anywhere, anytime. This is much
like Napoleon, who we understand had a standard flank feint to divert attention,
followed by a devastating punch in the suddenly weakened middle: in simplicity,
there is genius. It's the Packer sweep, only this time with braces!

Florida is stacking up talent at an amazing rate. Now the question will
be, or questions more precisely will be, a) how do they keep them all happy, and
b) how many will leave early?