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UNC Expands Recruiting Targets

Kurt O' Neill is reporting that UNC
is making a late pitch for Minnesota's Adam Boone.
This, in conjunction with
pursuit of Brian Morrison,
would likely indicate some concern
about Omar Cook. 

This makes things interesting, if one follows conventional wisdom.  CW
suggests that the loser in the Duhon sweepstakes should get Boone, but if UNC is
losing ground with Cook, maybe UK is picking up - not to say that UNC is losing
ground because of UK, but that they are in a position to possibly benefit.

Wake Forest is likely displeased that UNC is not only getting into the
Morrison sweepstakes but also now pursuing 7'6" Brit Neil Fingleton.

Recruiting season - we love the smell of napalm in the morning!

Along the same lines, here's an article by Thad "The Mummy" Mumau on
subplots in ACC recruiting wars
, particularly as relates to guards. 
He, and some of the people he talks to, pick up on the idea that State has
seized momentum from UNC when it comes to recruiting in-state kids, but come on,
look at who was available: Chris Hobbs is not any different than Jason Parker,
really. Dwon Clifton would have been third in line at shooting guard. Scooter
Sherrill? Maybe there's an argument there.  Marcus Melvin? They had Lang
already.  Joiner is a bit more confusing, but still, they have a small
forward in Capel who's only going to improve.  It's a lot of panic over
nothing.  The players UNC wants this season are national, and Amaker beat
them out on at least two potentials in Griffin and Barrett.  But come on -
if there were a super center in-state, or a Phil Ford level point guard, who
would you put your money on?

Finally, here's another article from Thursday's N&O about State's big coup.