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The FITSTER Drops By

Yea verily, just as it must be said that the swallows shall find Capistrano, the aardvark shall uncover the anthill, and Eddie Fogler shall find his way to a height chair, so it must be noted that your Doyen of Dung, Baron of Bile and Manure Seeking Missile Par Excellence, The Fabulous
FITSter, has found.....Ken "Mother Load" Burgess! Pass the gravy, Mom!

Let's just hope that porker Majerus doesn't try to horn in on FITS' very own septic smorgasbord!

"Heels Beat Weber State," or so exclaimed the felicitous Mrs. FITS when she perused the latest college rankings put out by U.S. News and World Report! Making the Top 27 is nothing to sneeze at.....and the geologically gifted
FITS would like to note that one well placed earthquake in California could vault the
Heels into the Top 25! Might the cagey Gutster be recruiting Lex Luthor?

The FITS question of the week: will the recalcitrant Omar Cook pass on the chance to rack up his next 100 technical fouls in Chapel Hill?

A response to "Bill" who sent FITS a post card last week: no, Bill, that's not a mannequin, that's their coach.