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Quotin' Bob On The ACC Scene & Marcus Taylor

Quotin' Bob Gibbons has an ACC
update in general
(lately he has changed his style, and gone from focusing
on a few specifics to a more general approach...interesting). It's pretty
cool. The main discussion of Duke deals with Duhon, of course, but also a
brief mention of Jeffries.

He talks about the UNC involvement with Brian Morrison, which is new. He
talks a bit about how this will affect Omar. UNC is also getting back into it
with7-6 Neil Fingleton!

The quoting highlights:

  • "tidal wave"
  • "pure"
  • "unofficial visit"
  • "hidden gem."
  • "quiet"
  • "moody"
  • "join his in-state peers"
  • "unofficially"
  • "recruiting haul"

In national news, Maurice (oops! We meant Marcus!) Taylor has a press conference for next Monday, where
he'll likely pick MSU,
since he hasn't taken any visits or anything, not
even "unofficial."