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The Mummy Checks In & Matt Doherty Update

missed this link from Thad "The Mummy" Mumau
earlier today. He
talks about the rage du jour, Clemson and State kicking some bootie in NC

What interested us most, though, are the schools who have gotten into with
Joiner - FSU, Notre Dame, Tennessee, and Vandy. As we've said before, FSU is
being mentioned by a lot of kids. Steve Robinson has yet to prove that he
can get it done in recruiting, but he's climbing and building his program. Now
he just needs some players, and one to start the ball rolling. Joiner would be a
great one there.

Incidentally, speaking of former KU assistants, Matt
Doherty has made a definite impression at Notre Dame
. Typically, he
credits Dean and Roy for putting him in the position he is in, but he even says he's
torn between Kansas and UNC.
That's different!