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You Heard It Here First - DBR Scoops Gibbons, et. al., On Scooter

We told you yesterday that we heard Scooter Sherrill had committed to the
Pack.  We heard it from someone close to the program and were careful about
how we said it, but considering the source, it was a pretty good tip. Congrats
to the Pack!

We got the news first, and not a single quote!  Needless to say, Bob
Gibbons has his full quota, though!
So off to the braces with Bob, 
which, after delivering the basic info, is what  Gibbons does best:

  • "improbable sweep"
  • "grandslam"
  • "The Pack Is Back"

Interestingly, in a recent development, Bob seems to be moving from
"quotes" to "bolding." So in the interest of fairness, here
are the bolded items as well (note: we didn't includ the bolded names!):

  • Coach Herb Sendek and The Pack
  • three top senior prospects
  • All Star Sports
  • center
  • "grandslam"
  • top four senior prospects
  • "The Pack Is Back"


So..soon State's backcourt will be Archie Miller, Anthony Grundy, Clifford
Crawford, and Scooter Sherrill. Their frontcourt will be Damien Wilkins, Marcus
Melvin, Michael Bell, Ron Kelley, and the Human Time Bomb, Kenny "Hit
Man" Inge. This gives State the ability to put an enormous amount of
pressure on other teams offensively and defensively. On the other hand, Kenny
Binge is highly likely to pout, sulk, and brawl his way through his last two
seasons. Now that the talent is significantly upgraded, what will he do? How
will he react to not being The Man? 

As significantly as State has improved the talent level, this is a serious
question. Kenny Inge is like a strung-out Samson with enough malice left to
still pull the temple down if he doesn't get his way.  And with Damien
coming in and being an instant (just add hoops!) hero, his role will change, but
will he? We'll never forget watching referees dive in the pile at one point
because they obviously had been told that Inge was a Time Bomb.  Nothing
happened, yet there were the zebras throwing themselves in the scrum.