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Jared Jeffries Update

an update on Jared Jeffries
from the Lexington Leader. Interesting stuff.
Our buddy Peegs has put together
a handy-dandy chart of when his visits,
inhome and campus, are to be.

In some amusing other recruiting news, a sharp-eyed reader sent us this from
the WildcatChat board:
a guy who is posting as Bret_B is ragging on Eddie Fogler.
If it's not Bret
Bearup, we're sure he'll let us know. It's funny. Revenge is a dish best served
cold, blah blah blah.

Speaking of South Carolina, we were highly amused some weeks ago to see that
a fan's site was called and predicted it would, uh, confuse some
readers.  Maybe they agreed; maybe not. Anyway, the site changed names and
is now known as Gamecock Central.