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Come on Dwon! The Stripe Is Right

The Clemson Tigers had a disappointing year last year and who are likely headed for another, have done a nice job recovering, via recruiting, though it won't help right away. More strikingly, they are doing some amazing recruiting in North Carolina: having gotten De'on Dixon and Chris Hobbs, now add Dwon Clifton to the mix.  And they also have Chucky Gilmore and may still be in play for Michael Joiner. Dixon and Gilmore are and were high school teammates of Joiner.

Bob Gibbons brings us this update, along with the
prospect that Scooter Sherrill's commitment to the Pack is imminent, possibly as
early as tomorrow.  Like us, he read the comments in the Charlotte paper
about Sherrill postponing his visit to Raleigh.  Two people wrote to tell
us that he was there this weekend though. We'll know soon enough. If Charlotte
is wrong, it won't be the first time they got a recruiting story mixed up.

Shyatt pulls of the trifecta, it means a few things: 1) State and Clemson split
this year's haul in North Carolina; 2) Clemson fans will be much happier, and 3)
Rick Barnes is full of it, because you can recruit in Clemson.

Well, you knew he was full of it already.

Here's another link on Dwon.