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Quin Takes Aim, Reiner Mentions Duke, Syracuse News

In some national recruiting  news, here's a quick
update on Mizzou, aka Quin U.
Quin is working on Ricky Paulding and Imari
Sawyer, among others: he's trying to get in with  Daime, Miles, and is
going out to look at Travon Bryant.

A bit further West, and up, Jared Reiner has eliminated UVA. Reiner says that
told my coach that they are interested in me,
but they wanted to see how things worked out this summer."

And up in Snowville,  Syracuse has a weird story with a kid named Marcus
Douthit, who apparently left town a year ago for prep school and is suddenly
the apple of Boeheim's eye.
   The 'Cuse is also after Taliek
Brown, Brian Morrison, and former Duke target Scott Hazelton.  We'd like to
wish Scott the best. We liked what we saw of him and hope things work out great
for him. He seems like a neat kid.