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Duhon Update

Here are two Duhon articles, one
from ACCToday
(and by the way guys, your site often doesn't respond properly
- it says site contacted, but nothing else happens - talk to your ubergeeks!),
which sort of hints that Duke might get him, and
another from Wildcatchat
. Both center around Jason Williams to some
extent.  Of course, the Duke argument is that the Dawkins-Amaker backcourt
was similar (Dawkins played point before Amaker arrived) and highly successful.
The Kentucky counter is that Duhon has a better opportunity at UK. Our argument
is that Chris will be the judge as to what best suits his needs, and since he is
an excellent student it might involve academics. If that's the case, Duke has an
unquestioned advantage. 

As we said before though, Chris is obviously a
sharp kid and we'll wish him well whatever he decides.