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State Nabs Bell; Clemson Gets Dixon

nabbed Michael Bell, the big kid from Raleigh
, as had been expected - but
what wasn't expected was that a State coach jumped up on a table and hugged the
kid. "It wasn't Herb," Bell said. What a relief. State is
putting together an excellent class. Next up: Scooter Sherrill. And
Bell's teammate Chris Wilcox remains a possibility. For the first time in
memory, State is recruiting the pants off of UNC in North Carolina. That's
largely a perception, since UNC either got in late or didn't go after all these
kids, but State is building an excellent class.

Apparently also, Bell just dropped by and said he was coming, which might
make you jump on a table and hug him. It's good news.

Clemson got De'on Dixon from Fayetteville's 71st High School. He's not a kid
we know a lot about, but we do know that he is Michael Joiner's teammate, and
that's worth mentioning. Bob
Gibbons thinks he has the potential to be pretty good.

71st is one of the great high school programs in the Carolinas, along with
Lower Richland (SC), which seems to pump out an NBA player every other year, and
Greensboro Page, which has been tough forever. It's not like there's a DeMatha
or a Dunbar in these parts, though Mt. Zion has had a big run. Now, though,
their sun seems to be waning a bit, which is ok by us. The whole business was
getting on our nerves.

Also, not a single "quote" from Bob. Is he not "feeling