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The Fitster Returns!

The FITSters Fitful Fans have spoken, and the winged
one has answered! 

Torrid Triangle weather has prevented your faithful FITS from gaining
too much altitude, but attitude is another matter! FITS recently arose
from his summer stupor and buzzed on over to Chappaheeyah where he hoped to discover precisely
how a school with the academic ambitions of Gaudy Blue U. could manage
so frequently to find its roundballers riding in the ACC's SAT caboose.
never found the answer, but did run across several of Charles
Kuralt's wives, all of whom send best wishes to DBR fans everywhere!

Not wishing to rest on their intellectual laurels, the Smurf Blues are
currently exercising every trick in their "Roach Motel" admissions
policy (abysmal "student athletes" can check in, but never flunk out)
for Jason "If I score 410 twice does that count as 830?" Parker, the
satchel-butted blind man's Elton Brand. Given the Copperfield-esque
magic that El Deano performed for Vasco "Asok the Intern" Evtimov last
year (poof, and a beetle-browed Bulgarian disappears for two months) FITS fully
expects to see Parker wearing the hideous pastel pants next year.

Speaking of Vasco, FITS tips his wings to both Vasco and good pal Addie,
both of whom have successfully landed spots on Team Eurotrash! Gut's
pipeline to the pros is still gushing!