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Quotin' Bob Moves Eddie Up!

We have a few e-mail buddies who swear that the quickest way for a recruit to
move up in the eyes of Bob Gibbons is to show serious interest in UNC. We aren't saying it's true, but we will say that a few weeks ago, Bob raved about Gerald Wallace, saying he was just stunning, legitimate NBA material, played the whole game, yada, yada, yada.

Somehow, though,
Eddie Griffin has "moved up" to number 1
.  Are our friends
right? Does the UNC connection pay off?  Who knows. But it's a funny thing
to watch, if only as a parlor game.

Speaking of "quotable" Bob Gibbons, here's a list of the things he
"put into quotes" for this story (if you haven't been reading, we were
struck the other day by just how often  "Quotin' Bob" whips out
the braces):

  • "headliners"
  • "intimidator"
  • "rumors"
  • "sources"
  • "top sleepers"
  • "super soph"
  • "discovery"
  • “young Kevin Garnett”
  • “a Bill Walton look-alike”

He also had "Bruiser," but that was the UMass Coach James
"Bruiser" Flynt, so we didn't count it.