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Luke Good, Bob Bad

Recker is recovering physically
, which is the good news.  The bad news
is that his accident and the death of his friend and the crippling of his
girlfriend have taken a heavy toll on him.  To his credit, Lute Olson told
him to put basketball aside. The other good news is that Luke, unlike a lot of
athletes, has a sense of perspective and is worried about his girlfriend's
recovery. Basketball, he says, is not that big a deal right now.  We're
tempted to say more players should have such trauma, but that's not the answer.
Still, good to see Luke see past the mythos of hoopology.

 Bobby Knight, evidently in a surly mood, said that now that Luke was
"maybe we can play some defense." 
He had some other surly
things to say as well, adding Canada
to the list of the Knight-offended nations.

In a bizarre side note, former Indiana guard Rob Turner has,for some reason,
changed his name to Dutch  Mufasia  - Dutch is a childhood nickname;
Mufasia is just a name he likes for whatever reason. It means nothing. His
parents no doubt are thrilled.