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Quotin' Bob & The Mummy!

an update from Thad "The Mummy" Mumau.
You may remember in his
last update he predicted that Eddie Griffin was about to get in the truck with
Gut  - the day he threw in with Seton Haul. Ooops! Here's hoping this one
is better.  There are a lot of updates on interesting kids, including Duhon,
Hazelton, Goodman, and more.

He quotes the kid as saying “State made me feel at home. They’re about business, but you can relax and share a laugh with Coach
Sendek, too.” We saw Herb smile when he was nice enough to pose with our hat, but he hasn't laughed that we've seen. Cool!

Bob Gibbons has a new report out which is a general update,
and he's quoting
belligerently! We'll get back to that in a sec.

He says Duke and UNC have dropped Joiner. He lists Duke and UK's top five as
being identical, and you likely know the suspects by now.

Wake has a visit coming up with Marvin Lewis, though it's unofficial,
tomorrow. They also have a visit coming up with Brian Morrison, a "Rex
Chapman like" guard (read: white guy who can jump)

Bob also thinks that State might bag Scooter Sherrill this weekend, and also
expects that Michael Bell's announcement is imminent. So needless to say, that
would mean that the Pack is stacking up talent like mad - and with at least four
(assuming they all follow through) NC natives in the truck, State has a certain
advantage, at least propaganda wise, over UNC.  Been awhile.

Now for the main course:

  • "unofficial visit"
  • "unoffical visit"
  • "domino effect"
  • "1-2-3 sweep"
  • "The Tar Heel State." 
  • "Scottie Pippen-type"
  • "Jones is the best recruitable athlete in the nation." (wait, that's a
    genuine, real-deal comment quoted by Bob - but what the hell does it mean?)
  • knock down three-point shooter,"
  • "thin"
  • "jumping-jack"
  • "favorites"
  • "Rex Chapman-like" 
  • "the consolation prize"