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Scooter McCray Sues The NCAA

Scooter McCray, former Louisville great and also assistant,
is suing the NCAA for allegedly harming his career.
Scooter was
investigated - and Louisville given probation - for a little problem which
happened when he used his credit card to keep a recruit's dad up in a hotel.

The fact that he is also suing the hotel for violating an agreement -
apparently to not put the charges on his card - fraudulently posting charges,
according to the suit - would lend credence to the idea that something had
happened here.

Still, this is one of those areas where maybe - possibly - the coach broke
the rules to do a greater good. He paid the bill for Nate Johnson's dad so he
wouldn't get kicked out. The gray area is this: what was he doing there and why?
Did his son need him? Was it an act of compassion or just getting around the
rules? We've never known the specifics, but even if it was done as an act of
humanity, McCray did it knowing what the consequences were. The fact that
no one wants to hire someone who got caught shouldn't surprise him, and he
shouldn't blame his bad luck on anyone else. He apparently made a
conscious decision to break the rules, and he should be prepared to live with
the consequences, regardless of his motive.