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State Bags One, Info On Darius Rice

We didn't have time to link it this morning, but State landed a pretty big recruit in Marcus Melvin. A 6'8" guy who can play good D and also stick threes,
Melvin will be a pain in the butt - particularly when linked with Damien Wilkins (assuming he stays that long. Since his father and uncle have already made noise, who knows?) In case you hadn't put this together yet, State is building a signficant talent base - Wilkins, Melvin, Grundy, and the freshman PG whose name we always mix up - it's getting done in Raleigh - and there's more to go in this class.

Here's Bob Gibbons on Melvin.
The relevant quotes from the master (it was a slow day apparently):

  • "homecoming welcome"
  • "overlooked and under-rated"
  • "domino effect"

In other recruiting news, here's a piece on Darius Rice well worth reading.