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Best Wishes To A Truly Decent Man

There are good guys and then there are good guys. Sean Elliot is one of the really good guys.

Unfortunately he has a serious kidney condition and today got a transplant from his brother. There's no guarantee
his career will continue, but it's secondary at best. Sean Elliot is incredibly well-loved in his hometown of
Tucson and, we are sure, in San Antonio as well.

It's sad that
this has happened to him, though we're glad he has a shot now. But if this had happened to say Dennis Rodman, who
would have cared? Sean has planted the seeds of love throughout his life and now he is finding the harvest to
be rich indeed. Best of luck to him in his recovery, and best wishes to his friends and family in Tucson.

One of the nice things about sports is it sometimes shows us people of great character we'd otherwise never see.
He's a remarkable guy and we are hoping for a remarkable recovery.