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Rutgers Coach Under Fire

Some of you have e-mailed us the bizarre story out of Rutgers, where head
coach Kevin Bannon made his players and managers engage in a drill where
they were required to strip for missed free throws and then run nude.
the story apparently
has caused little concern at Rutgers
, sports
psychologists are aghast
. Some of the parents are as well. Josh
Sankes, a 7' kid who transferred after this transpired, was quite upset by it.
His father calls it mental cruelty.

This reminds us of the stories reported (for some reason only in the New York
media) of how former Johnnies coach Fran Franchese apparently grabbed his
players by their genitalia to make sure they were men, and how he also
apparently dropped his pants at halftime, showed his ass and said they were
getting theirs kicked.