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It Was Just A Question Of Time

Some of you give us flack about our bulletin board policy. We ask only a few
things: 1) please be civil. 2) please don't talk about rumors. 3) please be a
good representative of your school, whatever school that might be. We ask this specifically because you never know who might be reading this stuff.

Andrew Gooden, new Kansas freshman, got word from his mom that someone
had posted some negative comments about him on a Kansas board, no less,

saying he had a bad attitude because he had gotten some T's and was tossed from
a game. This obviously really bothered him, probably made worse since it was posted on a KU board.

Fortunately for Kansas, Gooden had already signed with Kansas.  Roy
Williams was the first coach to really discuss the net and rumors, so maybe it's
appropriate that Kansas is the first place to publicly discuss how a post
affected a player. 

In other Kansas news, Travon
Bryant is set to visit for Late Night With Roy Williams
(the first night of
practice). He's trying to talk DeShawn Stevenson into going with him. He's also
intrigued with Mizzou, and thinks that Duhon is leaning towards Duke, but then
again, he may be basing that on stuff he read on line.