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More Fun With Eddie

Eddie Griffin continues to win friends and influence people in Chapel Hill.
Ok, more around the rest of the conference.  He teed off on Chapel Hill on
a couple of points, as you may have seen
if you frequent
(we quit; it just gets ridiculous, but that's
what some Heels fans say about us, too).

First off, he dissed Phil Ford after Ford dissed his buddy Marcus
Toney-El. He was quoted in the
Philadelphia Daily News
as saying "Phil Ford said he read an article about Marcus Toney-El committing to Seton Hall and how Marcus was trying to recruit me to go there,
too. He told me, 'Marcus Toney-El never had a chance to go to North Carolina, but you do.' That showed me they were cocky about their program."

According to Webster's, cocky is defined as "boldly or brashly self-confident,"
and originated in 1768 (who knew?)

Anyway, it's a funny thing to say about the UNC program, and it's even
funnier that he pinpointed the turning point with the Heels. The other
interesting part is that he said that Tommy Amaker was someone he could
trust.  Is that a backhanded slap at UNC? Maybe, maybe not.  But from
a Duke perspective, it's all a lot of fun. For instance, Zeke Martins can't
decide whether or not this is a disaster or not. On Inside Carolina, he
minimizes the damage
; on Tar Heel Talk  (linked on our links page but
down as it often is at difficult times) he (if it's not Zeke we apologize, but
the guy posts as Zeke) rips Gut a new one on a regular
basis.  If by some wild chance Omar Cook goes elsewhere, someone please
call the paramedics immediately.

Almost as much fun as Zeke is some guy who calls himself Heel4life
who is posting on Inside Carolina's board.
. Well, when he accuses -
not suggests but accuses - Tommy Amaker of buying Griffin, he really goes over
the line. If there are any Seton Hall types out there, maybe you'd like to
point out this libel to the administration there. We're not saying
this to get our Rival Net friends mad, but come on, that's really
reckless. But otherwise he's a one man comedy show. To balance him
there is Michelle Hinson, who a) is a good and good-natured fan, and b) actually
has some inkling not only of general reality but some insights into recruiting
as well. She'll cleanse your palate after you read Heel4life! There
are also a few rational posters who point out that this year's misses mean more
opportunities down the road. UNC isn't going away, folks. But it's
fun to watch the panic.

And also, lest we forget, this whole imbroglio virtually assures that UNC and Seton Haul will be put in the same bracket as soon as possible. Let the games begin!