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Sad Injury News

While we were listening to Hewlan Pickett on WPTF tonight, we heard him relay
some sad news: one of our favorite seniors-to-be, Chris Hobbs, has suffered a
bad tear of his ACL.

This is really unfortunate. Chris got at least some play from Duke and
UNC, more from Wake and Clemson and NC State. We'd expect some
of those offers to disappear. Fortunately our impression of Chris is that he's a
smart kid and not likely to be seduced by the glamour, but it's another chance
to pound home a message we hope any recruits reading this might listen to -
people aren't kissing your behind because you are special, they're kissing your
behind because your game is.

One of the best things we've seen in recent years was that kid who had
committed to Kansas who lost a leg in a train accident. Roy Williams gave him
scholarship anyway. A lot of places wouldn't do that, and a lot of coaches will
dump Chris like a hot potato. We wish him a speedy recovery, and, in the
meantime, we suggest he do a lot of reading, which he can continue to do after
his career is long gone.