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A Duke-Caliber Class!

At the risk of sounding like the "Seton Hall Basketball Report," we'd like to offer up an excellent article from the Newark Star-Ledger which offers quotes from "Bob" Gibbons, Dave Telep, and Clark Francis, all of whom are going ga-ga over Tommy Amaker's recruiting success.

The most revealing quote, though, comes from future Pirate Eddie Griffin himself, "I was always a North Carolina fan. A big North Carolina fan. Everybody thought I was going to North Carolina. My friends, my family -- everybody."

There's also a nice side column by the Star-Ledger's Mike Vaccaro who talks about Tommy's success, the Duke defections, and Coach K's reaction.

Finally, here's an article by Adrian Wojnarowski about the Seton Haul and Eddie Griffin's reaction to Phil Ford, which wasn't particularly positive.