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A Nice Forte Article

In today's news, Charlotte has
a nice link on Joe Forte and Morgan Wooten has good things to say about him.

We're Duke fans, obviously, but as we say from time to time, there are
some Heels we like and admire - George Lynch, Derrick Phelps,  Montross for
how kind he was to that dying kid in the hospital and how it touched him, Hubert
Davis for being such an all around good guy.  We'll alwaysl make fun of
guys like the philosopher 'Sheed, the hard-driving McInnis, Bersticker, and of
course the Human Trump Card, Makhtar "The Lie" Ndiaye, of
course.  But everything we hear about Forte puts him in the previous camp
as an admirable guy.   We look forward to getting to know him

In the same article, State is looking to open against Georgia in the debut of
the Pork Palace. Dangerous choice.  We are no fans of Harrick, but we have
seen his teams at Pepperdine and UCLA, and they are always in the game.  We
don't care for him, but we do respect his ability.

In another UNC link, we are shocked - shocked! to find that
Roy Williams is publicly disagreeing with Dean Smith 
on freshman eligibility
thus violating the UNC Loyalty Factor.  Interestingly, by our count that's
twice recently that's happened, the first being Art Chansky's suggestion that
Roy Williams was coach-in-waiting whenever Gut retired - thus undermining Gut.
This was roundly ridiculed from Wilmington to Laurence and Chansky was memorably
ripped on the radio by Adam Gold, who pretty much hammered him on his sources
and ethics.