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Tommy Hits It!

If you read the bulletin board, you already know that Tommy Amaker got
an early recruit in New Jersey's Marcus Toney-El
, a kid who, according to
Tom Konchalski, is  a very good sign.  He will join Samuel Dalembert
(assuming he qualifies) on a pretty sharp front line.

The story of how Tommy got him is interesting - he was just being nice to the
kid's mom a couple of years ago at a camp and made a tremendous
impression.  The kid - and the mom -say what they like about Tommy is that
he's honest. Tommy told the kid that if he came he would stay for four years.
That's a big commitment. But if Tommy's recruiting continues to pick up, then
the Hall is back.  It would be pretty cool if Duke, Mizzou, and Seton Hall
were all Top 10.

In other Jersey area recruiting news, there is a nice story about
potential State target Rashard Dunbar
, who had a traumatic accident. He's
lucky to be alive, let alone hooping.  Nice comeback, kid!