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Even More Recruiting Stuff!

The camp season is upon us, God Help Us. As much as we love recruiting, as
much as it's a kick seeing guys like Gerald Wallace emerge, as much as we love
the rankings and the buzz and everything else, we also recognize that a lot of
it is nonsense, and it's totally out of whack.

Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, back to business. In
Indy, the story right now is Zach Randolph, who is a future candidate for Crime
Beat, as he was sentenced
to a month in jail for having 20 stolen guns.
Didn't make much of an
impression on him, though. "That's in the past," Randolph told Indiana's
Game. "I don't feel like I've got nothing to prove. Everybody makes mistakes."
He's apparently considering another one, as he might declare for the NBA,
joining Leon Smith as a guy who is manifestly unprepared to be a professional in
any sense of the word.

The article goes on to discuss Jared Jeffries, who is getting homeboy
pressure to play for Big Bob Knight. Here's
another link on both guys.
Here's another with Jeffries saying he'd
come out as a Top 10 pick.

In some other Midwestern news, the coach who was implicated in Purdue's mess
has been reassigned
, by his request apparently. Gene Keady praised him for
his "courage."