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Some Duhon Impressions

Deslok was around for the Adidas camp and dropped
in and sent us his impression of Chris Duhon. Thanks Des!

Just thought I'd pass along a quick viewing I had of one of Duke's prime
targets for next year. I'm in the process of switching locales in NJ and
since I was in the neighborhood(ok I was 25 minutes away, close enough for an
obsessed fan) I decided to drop by the Adidas camp at Fairly Ridiculous

I wasn't there for long, but did get to see Duhon play in one game.
He's not a flashy player, nor a point guard who seemed to be the center of
everything. Often times on offense he was content to let one of the other
players try a hand at PG while staying active off the ball - kind of similar to
Avery's role sometimes last year. And when he did get a wide open look, he
hit it, nailing 4 out of 6 three pointers. He also picked up a couple of
assists on a some forays into the lane, but as his team had a couple of big men
inside, the team did more inside-out play than slashing.

Defensively it was hard to get a handle on how good he was because quite
simply his opponent didn't do anything. He faced two different players in
the game, and aside from one three pointer, I can't recall them scoring any
baskets, mostly because they didn't even try. No penetration, no shots off
screens, nothing. Part of that was due to good defense, but I'd be curious
to see Duhon take on a more offensive minded opponent.

Anyway, I wasn't there for all that long as I had other matters to attend to.
I do plan to try and make it up there on Saturday for most of the day.
Since that is the day they have the championships and then All Star games it
should be very interesting - and if I can snag one of those media guides that
tells you who is who(with everyone wearing generic adidas uniforms numbered
1-300 its a little hard to figure out who is who without some sort of program -
the way I figured out who Duhon was was by looking over Lute Olsen's shoulder).

I'll try and take a few more notes on various players of particular interest
to Duke. Oh, I also saw Tamir Goodman, but he appeared to have bumped
knees or something because he was sitting on the bench with an ice wrap on his
knee, not playing.