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General Recruiting Poop

Brick Oettinger has the latest offering on the recruiting scene.  The
first part of the piece is about rising seniors who have already made a
decision; the rest is about the others - which of course is where our interest

Gerald Wallace lists Duke, as well as UNC, but if anyone is liable to be
seduced by the NBA as a high school senior, it seems like he'd be the guy. 
It's not that he's indicated it necessarily, but the comparisons to Jordan are
going to be hard to kill off. So don't hold your breath. There are a lot of
other guys who list Duke, including Duhon & Hazelton, Ricky Paulding, 
TJ Cummings,  and Travon Bryant, a new name to us.

Here's an article from the  Lawrence Journal-World about
internet recruiting,
though it mostly focuses on Mike Sullivan, who does do
a pretty good job.  We haven't been here in a bit, so here are some
more.  Heres' a general article on
the internet and recruiting and just how insane it's getting.
274th player in Pennsylvania? That's a level of anal ranking we frankly could
care less about.  We'd like to find the guys who can pick a David Robinson
out of the crowd. Really once you get past the top 75 or so, then spotting great
players is genius.  None of the sites we know of can spot that because it
requires a level of intimacy that they can't develop by hanging out at camps and
tournaments.  E-mail is a loop hole that is being exploited more and more,
since there is no limit on it currently, and, this is pretty cool, a recruit can
apparently set up his own site, with ads, and reap the money. That's hilarious.
We're surprised that a sharp kid like Lavell Blanchard or Corey Maggette didn't
do that and string it out to the last dollar.

So the next piece says Roy is ready
to stop golfing and get busy
, and while we're out that way, here's a list of
KU's targets.

Oh heck, here's Darius
Miles piece
, and a couple of others. He's a good guy, so check his
site out.