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C-Well, Haywood, Shine, U.S. Almost In Medal Round

Chris Carrawell
and Brendan Haywood both had nice games
as the US defeated Lithuania, no
easy task, and now only Greece stands in the way. Cwell had 10 points, 3 boards,
2 assists, no turnovers and one block in 18 minutes. Big Brendan had 8 points, 7
boards, 2 turnovers and 1 steal, also in 18 minutes. Unfortunately, by the
stats, his aggression went the wrong way as he picked up 5 fouls and only had 2
foul shots.

Purnell says Greece is a tough, physical team, but are they better than
Lithuania? They're always pretty tough.  Plus they had those way cool
uniforms. Not Alexander Julian, but hard to go wrong with the Dead!