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UNC Getting New Unis, Jordan To Help

These are so much better than the old ones
that it's not funny

After a near-decade run, UNC and homeboy Alexander Julian are redesigning the
UNC uniform
- with the help of His Airness. This should be interesting.

If you'll remember the last time out, UNC's jerseys were really antiquated (a
kinder word is classic).  Julian darkened the blue, put a really nice
pattern on the sides  - we hated it.

In retrospect, though, they really were an improvement.  The old ones
were truly out of date (we realize that traditionalists will disagree with that

So what will Jordan bring to this? First of all, the great Airman logo, which
must be one of the most recognizable human figures of the 20th century
(supposedly Chaplin's little tramp is tops). Beyond that, who knows? Drawstrings
below the knee? Space Buddies shoulder flares? This should be a lot of fun to
see. Most likely bet is that we'll hate it at first then it will grow on
us.  There was a certain amount of ridicule of the last redesign, but in
retrospect, it was an audacious improvement. 

Nevertheless, we do hope that the shorts are, well, somewhat short.