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Buzz Steps Up!

Buzz Peterson, who has always seemed like a good guy to us, has taken the job at Southwest
Missouri State.
We're sure he'll do well there and will be a very hot
national prospect in about three years. We probably like Randy Weil a little better
than Buzz, only because he's such a fascinating guy, at least from a distance, but Buzz is
one of the Tar Heels we truly admire, along with George Lynch, who was the heart of a
great, great team in 1993.

Incidentally, we think Georgia blew it by hiring Harrick over Peterson. While we've
seen his Pepperdine and UCLA teams in person, and found that they were usually very
disciplined and smart, he left a mess at his last two jobs. That can't be
encouraging to Bulldog fans, who have been jilted or disappointed by three consecutive
coaches, counting back Hugh Durham, who disappointed them by not winning enough in his
later years.