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From 3/9

FITS had a jolly good time down in Charlotte watching the good ship
Tar Heel sink beneath the waves for the third time this season, but our benevolent bug
must concede that the polyester blue bombers did return home with some new trophies and

First, your airborn ally has it on good authority that "Third Place ACC Regular
Season" and "Second Place, ACC Tournament" banners will soon be hung from
the rafters of the Dean Dome, regrettably along with Coach Gut, at least if the fair
weather locals get their way.

Second, the North Carolina Firefighters Association has presented UNC athletic director
Dick Baddour with its coveted Swift and Silent Evacuation Award for it's successful
evacuation of approximately 12,000 "fans" from the Charlotte Coliseum with seven
minutes still remaining in the game.

FITS is also proud to award the Homer J. Simpson dimwitted fan trophy
to Carolina Pom Pom Boy, who managed to persistently thrust his virulently anti-Duke sign,
upside down, at a national television audience, for a good portion of Sunday's

The FITSter has named Ademola Okulaja, Ed "Did he really say
that?" Cota, and Brendan "Bluto" Haywood to the All-ACC Tournament Whine
and Jeez team, coached by Gary "We'd Win The Damned Thing If It Was Played In The
Baltimore Tunnel" Williams.