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An EA Game Report!

Todd Holland went to the EA game, and sent us this
report. Thanks Todd! The link is on
the site
but we couldn't find it.

Three Duke recruits were in attendance, Carlos Boozer Jr., Jason Williams, and Mike
Dunleavy. All in all, it was what you would expect, a lot of show boating with no defense.
Main things I noticed were that Jason Williams has some serious leaping ability, he was
one of the 4 guys in the slam dunk competition. Jason also seems to have the makings of a
great team leader, he was smiling and laughing with all the players from both teams, he
seems very outgoing. I shook hands with both he and Carlos Boozer Jr. after the game, and
those guys are supremely developed to be 17-18 year olds. My hand simply disappeared in

Funny story of the day, I sat down in the stands, and randomnly mentioned to the woman
behind me that I was there to see some recruits for my alma mater. She asked where I went
to school, and when I replied "Duke" she shrieked and gave me a huge hug. Turned
out it was Jason William's mom. I subsequently met Mr. Williams and the Boozer's as well.
Great folks, I avoided asking too many questions, but Mrs. Williams was gushing. Jason's
having a great summer, just had his tonsils out, has been told by Coach K to take it easy
and show up well rested, because there is a lot of work to do, etc.

Another thing I noticed was the competitiveness and tenacity of Casey Jacobsen. Duke
fans would have loved this guy, bleached blond hair, and he was the only guy diving on the
court for loose balls and fighting hard in the lane.

By the way, we have this game on tape, if anyone is really interested.

(Post it on the board folks! DBR)