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Hulan Pickett On State's Prospects

Hulan Pickett, who you might not have heard of yet if you're not from this area,
has an article on mostly about State's in-state targets.
Among other things, he says that State is on the verge of a potentially super class, and
mentions Mike Bell of Raleigh, Dwon Clifton, Chris Wilcox, Scooter Sherrill, and a new
name to us, Abdou Diame of Oak Hill. Iif UNC weren't so filled up they'd get a
number of these guys. Sherrill and Wilcox in particular would have a hard time
saying no, but Scooter is about third or fourth on their PG wish list behind Omar Cook and
Andre Barrett and perhaps one other guard.

Pickett also says that Clifton might be the best leaper in the class, and plays a lot
like Joe Forte, which again means UNC might not chase him very hard.

We have been big Sendek boosters. He has struggled through youth, and then injuries. If
he gets a big class here, talent will not be an issue again in Raleigh anytime soon. If he
can find an offense to go with the incredibly intense defense, State will be, once and for
all, truly back.