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Some Recruiting Info!

Al Featherston had an article in the Herald-Sun today about in-state recruiting
targets. UNC normally cleans up in big in-state years like this year, but they only
have two scholarships if we remember correctly. So the other schools have great
shots at one of the best classes in years. Here are some of the players and their (very
early) schools:

  1. Brandon Clifford, 6-9, Greensboro Page. Listing Wake, State, Clemson, Tennessee, and
    Maryland, expects to end up in the ACC.
  2. Dwon Clinfton, 6-5, High Point. Prep Stars rates him #39. He was big on UNC until
    they flirted with Luke Recker, which hurt their chances. He says he likes State and
  3. Chris Hobbs, 6-7 3/4, East Chapel Hill High. The feeling is he wants UNC but they
    are loaded up front. Says he'd like to play close to home, but doesn' rule out the
    Big East. Father works at Duke.
  4. Michael Joiner, 6-7, Fayetteville 71st. Mentions Duke, UNC, UConn, and
    Houston. Excellent athlete, reputedly skilled as well. 3.8 GPA
  5. Marcus Melvin, 6-8, Fayetteville, Byrd High. Wake, UNC, NCSU, Maryland, FSU. Wants to
    play right away.
  6. Chris Wilcox, 6-9, Whiteville. A UNC fan but says that doesn't matter and may choose
  7. Other instate candidates mentioned: 6-9 Tony Simmons, 7-0 Dshamal Schoetz,
    6-8 Deon Dixon, and 6-1 Taron Downey, Scooter Sherrill, 6-3, West Rowan, 6-9 Michael

In other news, the consensus now is that UNC leads for Omar Cook, Duke probably leads
for Duhon, and Scott Hazelton, as we have seen, will commit to Duke should Duke offer.
Cook has no desire to sit.

And here are
three other guys who list Duke,
but again, it's very early: 5-7 Andre Barrett of Rice
High in NYC, Darius Miles, 6-8 from C-well's old stomping grounds, and Taliek Brown, a
5-11 PG from St. John's prep in NYC.