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Read Between The Lines...

If you read his comments carefully,
it's clear UNC has an excellent shot at Omar "I shot the Sharif" Cook
, New
York's finest PG, and of course that would set up another intense Duke-UNC point guard
rivalry between Jason Williams and Cook. He kind of disses UK in this article,
though not overtly. As basketball fans, we want to see the guy who Tom Konchalski
says might be the best passer from NYC in 50 years. our math, that would
be, roughly, the Cooz. We hardly ever sit around and think, "wow,"
wouldn't it be cool if UNC got this great recruit (actually we've never said that).
But the ACC is stocking up on PGs - Williams, Mapp, Blake, and Crawford, and
counting. With Cook, it could be one of the great crops of all time. The smart
money says Gut grabs him.

Also in Lexington is
Darius Miles,
who lists Duke, and the NBA, among his options. Also, after a disastrous
spring, Indiana
signed Andre Owens,
a 6-3 guard, a junior in high school . He was all pumped but his
folks had some concerns. Wise folks. His AAU teammate, by sheer coincidence no
doubt, is the highly regarded Jarad Jeffries