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Kenneth Dion Lee

I only wish I could have
spoken to him to tell him I
wanted to thank him for
trying to make me a better
person Despite the things I
went through at
Northwestern, I love him as a
human being and as another
black man... As a young man
you have dreams and you're
disappointed when you think
someone is preventing them
from becoming reality. You
think you know
everything...When you grow
older you have a different

Coach Byrdsong did what he
did because he genuinely
wanted to make me a better
person. Although I hated
his methods, and although it
didn't go the way either he
or I wanted it to, I thank him
for trying to help me.
Kenneth Dion Lee, who was at
the center of the Northwestern
Point Shaving Scandal, who
called the Tribune to talk about
his former coach.