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Purdue Gets Hammered By NCAA!


The NCAA came
down hard on the Boilermakers
for a variety of things, including
arranging a loan for a recruit, through a booster, so that he could
pay off prep school and enter Purdue. Luther Clay, the player in
question, finds his credibility attacked by the school, though the NCAA
seems to believe him. Purdue has lost scholarships, tourney money, a
year of limited on campus visits, 24 games forfeited, and the coach who
was at the center of this,
according to the NCAA, is banned from off-campus recruiting for a year.
The booster admits the loan but denies that he said it didn't have to be
paid back. Purdue is appealing, but not very appealing from here.

The Big 10 is going through a horrible period of humiliation, between
the recent point shaving at Northwestern, the Minnesota mess, the Michigan
mess, Mateen Cleaves constant problems, Bob Knight's restaurant
confrontation, the football arrests at Iowa, Michigan and Michigan State -
you'd think these people were all from Clemson. Ok, it was a cheap joke,
hold off on the mail.