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Eddie Fogler Rolled Over

In our recent discussions on pressures to win and pressures on coaches, we talked about
job security as a key to stabilizing things. We were thus dismayed to learn that
Eddie Fogler is being punished for one horrible season at South Carolina (punishment
enough to be there), and worse, being punished by Mike McGee, former Duke football coach,
who should certainly know better, since he was given a lot of breaks when he was at Duke.
According to a minister of propaganda in the USC athletic department, "It is
not the policy of the athletic director to roll over a contract after a losing season,
and thus Eddie's contract isn't being automatically extended. Good thing Carl James didn't
share that philosophy or McGee would have been pushed out earlier than he was.

More to the point, any loyalty Fogler might have had, or any chance at it, is gone.
He's not one of our favorite UNC guys, not by a long shot, but he's had some
success as a coach. We hope he has a great year and bolts for greener
pastures. It would serve McGee right.