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Byrdsong's Killer On A Spree; Warrant Sought For Arrest Of Benjamin Daniel Smith

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Ricky Byrdsong, Jr., in agony, from the Chicago Tribune

In Indiana and Illinois, the 4th is darkened this year, particularly
for non-Caucasians who are being targeted, apparently, by one Benjamin Daniel Smith. 
Not content with murdering Ricky Byrdsong in front of his child, or
gunning down six Orthodox Jews (all of whom have thankfully survived),
the killer has apparently struck again at a Korean church in  Bloomington. 

There is at least one death. 

CNN just reported that Smith has been identified by the Bloomington Chief
of Police as a member of The World Church of The Creator, a racist
organization. He has essentially declared war on the American ideal on the
anniversary of it's creation.  The FBI and the various agencies involved
in this will likely take the war to him.  It wouldn't bother most
people if he were to suffer a similar fate, but, much like the little (in
every sense of the word) men who killed the gay kid in Wyoming, we hope
that prison awaits this man, because then his fears will be in his face
for the rest of his life, however long that might be. One of the first
places the FBI likely checked in was here, the
home page of the World Church of The Creator. 

Warning: we link as heavily as possible,
and this is relevant considering the nature of the slayings and the
connections between the killer and this movement.  However, this is
as vile a page as we'll ever link to.  As  1st Amendment 
lovers, we support their right to express their views, but we find them
evil, disgusting, and grotesquely ignorant - though ignorance may not be
possible for people who willingly blind themselves.  Anyway, it's
where this sick bastard is coming from, so it's relevant to the story.
They are also - we hope anyway - the enemy of that which you hold dear, so
it's always good to know what your enemies are muttering to themselves.

Just take a shower after you read it.